Wrap labels don’t work so well when you have a lot of information

“Wrap labels” have been used for OTC medications and other applications for years. It enables a manufacturer to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance on a relatively small container. A contract packaging company recently came to us seeking a different solution due to an ever-increasing label content. Additionally, the contract packager was looking to overcome some specific challenges with the current label construction including speeding up the application and multilingual capacity.

This combination of factors meant that the content was best suited to a booklet form rather than a continuous label. However, the challenge in constructing this type of label for a vial of this size was the small circumference of the container. Typically, 2-ply or multiply labels do not work well on this type of container because the various plies extend to different lengths when applied or wrapped around the container. This creates a label that looks if it has not been applied correctly and reduces consumer confidence in the product.

The secret is in the cutting

After carefully listening to the client, our solution was to use our unique manufacturing process to die cut the label in-line both before and after printing. This allowed the label to wrap securely around the vial while fitting well to the surface. It is easily opened and re-sealed.

By using a supplier with unique, specialized equipment, the company was able to provide more content than normal, despite the small size of the vial. It also allowed variations for special promotions.

Before finalizing a label solution for your product, here are three issues for you to reflect on:

  • Consider what information you require on your label. Will it always be the same or do you require variable content for coupons or similar?
  • Check that your supplier is used to producing a wide range of label types for vials. Ask what new ideas they can demonstrate to you
  • Consider the best type of label for your content. Does it require a multiply label? Will your content be better displayed using a multiply, onsert or booklet label?

As a result of the exercise the label was well received by the pharmaceutical company and by its contract packaging supplier. The company plans to launch more products in this format now that the labelling challenges have been overcome.

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