We work with clients across many industries. Most are typically dealing with product packaging issues mandated by EPA and FDA regulatory guidelines, as well as content and user compliance. Manufacturing concerns involve package sustainability, supply chain management, just in time delivery, seasonal manufacturing, as well as exploring optimizing production and packaging efficiencies.



Mercantile Press is a trusted supplier to some of the largest names in crop protection and Agricultural Chemicals. Mercantile Press ensures that all labeling and product packaging follow EPA regulated guidelines. For over 50 years our Agrochemical clients have been relying on us for our expertise.

  • typesetting
  • Layout
  • Translation services
  • Extended Content Labels (ECL)
  • Discrete Leaflets
  • Booklets (stitched or glued)
  • Encapsulated directions for use folders (DFU) and Product inserts

Cosmetics & Consumer Care

Mercantile Press offers packaging, inserts and unique label solutions that are both functional and consistent in quality. Our color-critical matching is concise across product lines and our delivery time is reliable. From cycle lead time to order generation and delivery – we continue to provide timely, customized service.

  • IRCs for POP couponing, both flat and folded
  • Produce packaging and inserts for some of the largest global cosmetic companies
  • Cosmetic sampling
  • Project Management
  • Accommodate quick turnaround times for on time delivery


Mercantile Press has been a valued supplier to the Medical Device industry for over 20 years. We supply labels, inserts, DFUs and ECLs for a variety of round and flat applications. Our facility operates under an ISO 9000/cGMP compliant quality system.

  • Packaging components and solutions
  • Flexibility and advanced supply chain management for greater speed-to-market


Pharmaceutical labeling represents challenges unique to the health industry. Mercantile Press meets those challenges by operating under an ISO 9000/cGMP compliant quality system that meets FDA requirements.

We produce multi-layer labels (also known as booklet labels) for pharmaceutical and healthcare products that require large amounts of information:

  • Package Inserts
  • Multilayer Labels
  • Directions for Use (DFU)
  • Information for Use (IFU)
  • Drug Facts

We incorporate a Quality System that is cGMP Compliant (Current Good Manufacturing Process) under the ISO 9000 and 21 CFR § 820, 210 and 211 standards. We meet all EPA and FDA requirements. Additionally, we build a customized sustainable process that meets your needs, reduces internal costs and shortens delivery times.