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This guide shows 5 very different ways to save money on your cartons and inserts that totaled over $100,000!

This isn’t an issue about chasing price. This is an issue about creating the right workflows and products. Many people are using standard labels when they could be making big savings by approaching things differently. Sometimes, if you’ll excuse the pun, it’s good to think outside the box!

Created specifically for medical device manufacturers, this guide from Mercantile Press is focused on ensuring that you make the most from your labels and packaging. You receive a twenty two page guide containing five case studies with a whole host of ideas and advice. We don’t hold back: there is a whole load of useful information here.

Here’s what you learn from this guide

  • How one company reduced order lead-time by up to 63% with a central artwork approval process
  • How changing label specification allowed a company to use a standard HDPE container rather than a bespoke product
  • How the right label engineering meant that one company could avoid purchasing expensive, bespoke label application equipment
  • How to create multi-language labeling when there is no more space on your packaging
  • How to create multi-ply labels for cylindrical containers, even though many companies say this is not possible
  • How just in time label production allowed one company to go to market, despite receiving approval in just a few weeks

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