How to Reduce Label Lead-Times by Over 60%

Time = Money

Every business is in a constant quest to increase efficiencies and reduce costs. In the case of a major US agricultural products company, they were in a quest to reduce lead-times and increase efficiency for corrugated cartons, multiwall bags, and labels by looking for ways to improve the artwork approval process. They wanted to respond quickly to customer orders while waiting for regulatory approvals. Once it cleared the approval process, it was critical to maintain accurate content versioning throughout the production for all the packaging components.

This is where DAM comes in

Develop a digital asset management system that will improve communication and efficiencies from artwork creation to distribution for print production therefore significantly reducing the order lead time.

Go ahead: Take the first step

The first step in developing a digital asset management system is to define the stakeholders. This includes design agencies, brand managers, marketing, legal and regulatory team members as well as vendors responsible to produce the various packaging elements. Next, a clearly defined process must be written indicating the steps needed from originating copy to signoff and print. Once completed, there are a variety of digital asset management systems that can be evaluated and implemented to automate the processes your team has created.

Reducing lead time is a lot easier than you may realize

Here are three easy things you can do to help get you started. Some of these you may already be doing:

  • Measure the time taken between each step and throughout the entire process. You can begin to see the impact on your business.
  • Talk to your current vendors and ask if centralized digital asset management will enhance your current process. They may already be doing something similar, and they could be a useful resource.
  • Reference industry associations or pier groups for “best practices” regarding the subject.

We have seen lead times reduced by as much as 63%!

As a result of implementing a digital asset management system, order lead time for this company was reduced by as much as 19 days! Additionally, the ability to get there products to their distributors faster proved to be the biggest asset.

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